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MQF #2 and #3: The Verdict and the Treatment

Dr. Brian Dahms setting up to treat out three open mares.

Today, our great vet, Dr. Brian, came out to treat our three open mares. The results of the small volume lavage (svl) and the biopsys came back and one thing we learned is that all three mares had uterine infections and endometritis (inflamation of the uterine walls). In addition each mare had their own distinctive issues. I've already discussed Ozzie's uterine cysts in other posts. The other two mares, Jewel and Dry Sugar Rose, both have problems that are fairly common in aging mares. Now, for the specifics:

Jewel. Jewel's biopsy was the poorest of the three, with a grade in the low IIB range. In contrast, Dry Sugar Rose was a IIA and Ozzie was a low IIA /high IIB. The condition of her uterus suggests that she is aspirating air and contaminating herself. From now on she should have a Casslick once she is confirmed infoal to avoid this source of contamination. Also, Dr. Brian had been concerned about how her ovaries looked. She appeared to have numerous small follicles or cysts bilaterally. When Brian talked to the clinic that processed the biopsy, the vet there suggested that what we are seeing is dialated fallopian tubes, which might suggest a blockage.
Brian is a little dubious about this, but tomorrow when he flushes Jewel, he's also going to ultrasound her and look more closely at the ovaries. At nineteen, Jewel is the oldest of the three mares and is expected to have the most serious issues, which she does.

Dry Sugar Rose. She had the most optimistic outlook. Like the others, she had signs of inflamation and infection. We bred her twice, got her infoal twice, and then she slipped both embryoes by 30 days. She would have had a great deal of inflamation as a result of the debris left from the embryos, so the condition of her uterus was not a surprise. However, she has had a history of slipping embryos in past years. When she is nursing a foal, she has gotten pregnant and then lost the pregnancy every year. Dr. Brian and the clinic vet wondered about DNA problems, or as Dr Brian says, old eggs. But the vet clinic also says that the hostile environment of her uterus also could account for the early embryonic deaths.

The Treatment: Dr. Brian will be treating all three mares, three days in a row. Today, he intended to inject a broad range antibiotic (Naxcel) into each mare's uterus. The next two days, he will flush each mare. Actually, today he ultrasounded Ozzie first to check to see if she had any fluid or debris from the surgical removal of her cysts. The uterus looked good, but there was a little fluid, so before treating her with the Naxcel, he flushed her and gave her Oxytocin to help her evacuate her uterus.

Dr. Brian will be back tomorrow and the day after to complete the treatments. I'll update if there are any changes. In my next post, I'll write about the pre and post breeding protocol the clinic vet has suggested that we use on each mare to maximize our chances to achieve a pregnancy. Some of the suggestions we do routinely, but there were some interesting practices we have not used in the past.


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