From the Foaling Barn


At Last: The Orphans Have a Herd

Last week, our two orphan foals were three and half months old--and it was time. We fed the colts their last meal of milk replacer and with great trepidation led them out to the pasture to meet the six other weanlings they would be spending the next year with.

The six older weanlings were standing at the hay bale, and they all turned to look. There was a moment of quiet as the two groups sized each other up, and then pandemonium broke out. The orphans took off running with the six in hot pursuit.


Gradually, things calmed down and the two groups went to their separate corners.   When it came time to grain,  I was afraid Viktor and Colin would be too timid to stand their ground, so I put the grain in the pans and then went and stood between the orphans and the older weanlings until everyone was finished.  I did this for a couple of days and then decided to let nature take its course.  To my great surprise, when Armando and Mort tried to shoulder the orphans away from their feed pan, both Viktor and Colin double-barreled them.  Armando and Mort beat a hasty retreat, looking over their shoulders and I'm sure thinking,  "Wow, those guys are tough."  I was so proud of my little guys!

Since then while the orphans stick pretty close to each other, they are gradually insinuating themselves into the life of the little herd.  I'm feeling pretty confident that they will be well-adjusted horses.

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